Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working into the Night and other Musings

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So its a late night again working on a job and I find some vegan podcasters I have never listened to before and tune in to their 83rd episode. There is always a moment when listening to animal rights podcasts that I know I will be hearing a gut wrenching story that makes me wish I could erase it from my memory...sometimes I turn the volume down low so I can't quite understand what they are saying, but this time I didn't. (Ignorance can be such bliss, but does it harden us to atrocities?)

Anyway, they interviewed JoAnne McArthur and she told them how she met a bear that had been used to harvest his bile and when he longer had good bile they cut off his paws to make a soup with them...a delicacy in that region I believe. Anyway, what amazed Joanne about this bear who had eventually been rescued, was that he seemed to not only enjoy the company of humans, but preferred them over the other bears. She said he even tried to hug her in spite of having no paws.

After I cried and cursed humans I stopped working on my latest project to illustrate this tale of cruelty and the awe inspiring ability of this bear to still trust people in spite of us not deserving it. We humans like to talk about our humanity, but it seems to me animals are capable of not only more 'humanity', but are also able to forgive us humans for the atrocities we inflict on them.

My rescue greyhound, Georgia, is like that. In spite of having been commodified by humans she greets every person she encounters (whether they like it or not) with such joy and enthusiasm and will wrap her thin head around their legs in a kind of 'hug'.


Tamara Henderson said...

really sad story about that poor bear. your illustration is wonderful and it captures the story.

deb palen said...

Very heartwarming illustration -shows alot of love!

Jo McArthur said...

sheree i've tried to contact you unsuccessfully so far! this illustration has left me speechless. how can i contact you privately?
thank you for your work and for this piece of art. it showed me that my work doesn't just go into the void and the crazy immeasurable expanse of the internet and that people are moved by the photos and the stories.

noralikescookies said...

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I absolutely love this. It's so unbelievably heart breaking and beautiful.

noralikescookies said...

Is there anyway we can order this as a print? I would be more than happy to donate to the bear rescue and pay you!

sheree boyd said...

Hi Nora,

thank you for the compliment. it is a sad yet touching story. Do you have a way I can reach you b/c I click on your name but there is no information?

I would like Jo-Anne to be able to sell the print to further her cause so I have thought about that. Just trying to work out logistics. If you can just send me an email or respond to this comment with an email address that would be great. thanks, Nora! ( i like cookies too) :)

Elisabeth said...

This illustration is so sweet and sad at the same time. I love your work!

fhiona galloway said...

Did you manage to make it into a print Sheree? what a totally horrific story. I cannot understand how any human can be so devoid of compassion for another species-it sickens me to the core. I went vegan mid december last year as a result of animal cruelty. I'm happy to see you feel the same way :0)