Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Illustration Friday: Influence

Months back I had a small job that entailed drawing all things religious. I was influenced by medieval art when I drew my version of Jesus. They ended up not going with my Jesus (Jesus was rejected once again!) and chose another artist instead. My good friend, Heidi, ironically had the same type of job which also ended in her Jesus being rejected. Is it weird that I have that Depeche Mode song, Personal Jesus, rolling around in my head now?


deb palen said...

Dave said this looks like a "South Park Jesus". I think he's nice.

Dana S. Whitney said...

What a daunting assignment... since everybody has their own inner image... Even if influenced by Michelangelo, South Park or OMG... have you SEEN the ones that show up on Google Images?!! Happy illustrating.

deb palen said...

I think Dave's only frame of reference for art is South Park, so I'm apologizing for him; and apologizing for myself for repeating it! Will you forgive me? (Will Jesus forgive me?)