Monday, August 11, 2008

Well Hell it's Hail

That's right children, we received Texas sized hail right here in New York. It appears to have knocked my garden for a wallop and left hail the size of large translucent looking pebbles all over the yard. Most of my vegetables bowed down to the mighty hail yet those stubborn and strong willed sunflowers (towering over 6 feet I might add) stood their ground. Here's hoping the sun which has just peeked out its big ole' head will set things right in my garden and perk up those wilty lookin' 4 o'clocks, cleomes, bee balm, lavender, hollyhocks, lemon balm, basil, oregano, yarrow, salvia, pumpkins, and watermelon.

Did I mention I have yet another zucchini on my hands?! I think that makes 9 giant sized zucchini's in five weeks from one plant - I've managed to fob off four to unsuspecting victims (I mean friends) and still have 3 1/2 napping in my crisper.

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Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Sheree, That is completely surreal, ice in the summer veggie garden. I guess you've got to do a quick harvest. Your garden must have been in the epicenter!
Out here we only got thunderstorms and rain, yeah there's a few puddles in the basement, as always.