Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Georgia and the Dahlia

Over the Spring I planted four dahlia bulbs and so far only one has bloomed. How sad for me...they were a fushcia and funky apple green color...I really wanted a green flower to bloom...Anywho, see my four legged tot? How cute is that :)


Kate said...

Hi Sheree ~ Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog and taking the time to read about my adventure. Your comment made my eyes well up....my dog is a rescue dog, and I read stories all of the time from the Rescue about how people leave pets at the vet and never pick them up simply because the pet is too old or they just are unwanted. You are right, these are God's creatures and He told us in the book of Genesis to name each one and have dominion over them....He never said to abandon them or abuse them.

Thanks also for your comments about the "shelved" book and my car accident. I am convinced that good things come out of the things that appear bad at times. Last week I was awarded a new book (yay!) and the settlement from the insurance company will be a nice down payment on a new, safer car (Mine was 10 years old. It was very safe, but already had 180K miles on it and was getting expensive to repair and maintain).

Mostly, though, I think that we can use the bad experiences in life to make us more caring and empathetic people. I know this has been an amazing month for me, as hard as it has also been.

But on to your post ~ I love the dahlia and I love your girl! What a cool photo! : )

Hope you are having a great summer.


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

That sure is a pretty flower! : )
That sure is a pretty doggie! : )

Paola said...

Oh, what a nice picture Sheree!
Your girl looks so beautiful admiring the flower :)
Georgia is quite a lady!