Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Typical Day

I've been tagged by the very talented Angela Matteson to describe a day in the life of me; so be prepared to be bored out of your cotton pickin' mind! :)

This was my day Monday, the 19th of May:

9:00am - woke up --- this is early for me (i'm not kidding; if i could start my day at noon i would - worms be damned)

9:10 retreived georgia from crate in bedroom --- made huge effort to not get trampled by her gangly legs as she ran down the stairs with the ease of a gazelle. (who am i kidding - she runs down like a herd of elephants hell bent on trampling the latest safari tour).

9:11 took Georgia out for her morning pee

9:12 fed Georgia and hoovered over her making sure she doesn't choke on her food (yeah, she is that fast).

9:14 put Georgia in the office while i retrieve my eyes (i.e. put in contacts). This is a very important ritual as i sometimes think i should be declared legally blind ---

9:16 turn on computer and feed all six chinchillas -

9:20 check email and peruse the internet

9:30 start working on job

12:20 take Georgia for a walk on the beach --- it is so windy that i keep getting blown in the wrong direction (story of my life) --- difficulty in making it to the car as the wind is obviously winning. Buckle up the tot (my greyhound that is) and peddle off in my rice burner.

1:20 Drop off the tot, give her a treat in this puzzle toy (keeps her occupied) and sneak out of the house to go to the gym. (I confess I love to work out).

2:30 drive back home - avoid getting randomly pulled over by the cops (is it the end of the month already?)

2:40 debate whether i should take a shower. Decide to stew in my own sweat seeing how it is only me and the dog who could care less if i smell b/c she thinks i'm awesome. Give the chinchillas little chew treats and give them scratches on the chin (they don't really appreciate being man handled --- except for my eldest, Peanut).

4:00 Run out in search of the perfect birdbath - before leaving, freshen up (remember I've yet to take a shower) by using the s.o.'s "man" deodorant as I have run out of my girly deodorant days ago. Ponder why deodorant is called "Active Sport" and think it should really be called "Lazy Man" and cater it to all these beer drinkin', crotch scratchin', cheetoh eatin' lazies that sit on the couch and watch baseball, basketball, bowling...whatever seasonal sport is on the tele.

5:30 call to see if I have to serve jury duty - getting there by 8:30 will be a big stretch for me. (I've been spared another day - Yeehaw!')

5:35 back to work

8:48 OMG where in the h-e-double-L- hockeysticks did the day go! go downstairs and feed Georgia trying to avoid being stepped on by her big ole feet. Try to draw Georgia eating like a ravenous bear (a skinny messy bear).

9:00 ponder taking a shower - ixnay on the showeray and start to draw my dog as she power naps on the couch.

10:30 contemplate cooking and realize i am much too lazy and it is too late anyway to cook. Go back upstairs and scan in drawings. Browse the interweb (alot). Finally get around to uploading illos to website. Give the chinchillas a treat.

11:45 Realize that caked on body sweat is kinda gross and should probably be washed off before it turns into a second skin.

12:15 answering emails and browsing the internet (and think about working)

1:38 drag myself to bed

I shall annoy my good friend and talented artist, Heidi, by tagging her and Gaia, who has the cutest miniatures ever - check out her bear, Gianna Greentoes and the cutest piggie ever! Also tagging the amazing and talented Gina Perry who started the 21 day challenge and Alisa Haggard who has such lovely and adorable illos and has not posted in a while and we miss you and your work!


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

OMG after 1:30 am to bed and after 9 am to rise...
I'm awake 6 am.. but dead tired by 10:30pm (bed-time). I wish I was more of a night person, it just is to dam cold and i want my warm bed....

Angela said...

Wow! You do get up late!
Ha, I say I'm putting in my eyes too when I put my contacts in.

Thanks for sharing. This was a fun read! :)

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Ha. ha. ha. ha..... loved this Sheree!!! You are s funny girl :o)

Hee, hee.. the men's deodorant... you are sooo right about that. You've got 6 chinchillas!!! Wow! How great! How are they as pets?

Georgia is very happy I bet, she spends most of the day with you.

Thanks for sharing this sleepy head, I hear you....

Awesome post!

Kstyles said...

I love your sense of humor. What a day!

Gaia said...

LOL! This gave a very good laugh! :D
Thanks for tagging me... I'm afraid mine won't be as entertaining... be prepared to fall asleep after the first three lines! :D

Alisa Haggard said...

Haha. I think I ask myself that 8:48 pm question almost daily. Thanks for tagging me. Things have been a bit busy on my side of the street, thus the lack of posts. But some exciting things are coming, so I should be back soon!

Kate said...

Oh, wow, it's like the Twilight Zone. My life is so similar on any given day. Nice being single, eh?