Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Evening

It's a pleasant Friday here in New York as I listen to my neighbors play ping pong on their drive (and my other neighbor's child play the drums a bit unpleasantly). I've scored more seeds from my neighbor to the back of me who has generously given me many plants over the past few months that have overrun her garden. By this time next year I will have bushes full of raspberries thanks to her abundant crop.

These photos are just a few of the many flowers in my yard. I was lucky enough to inherit a house whose previous owner had a green thumb and enjoyed planting flowers anywhere they would take. There is something wonderful about waking up to find a new flower you have never seen bloom the night before....

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Paola said...

Oh, Sheree! your garden is wonderful! I like what you say about unespected surpises and gifts nature can bring us.
How do you avoid Georgia damaging the place? My dog, Pampa, sometimes likes playing with my flowers or having a nap on them, and I don't like having fences all over the garden, so from time to time I have to lament it :s