Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orca awesomeness


fhiona galloway said...

wow! Brilliant! Love to see animals in the wild.
Hi Sheree-thanks for your comments on my blog :o))
Funny that we have sort of followed a similar path with veggieness. I only regret not having done this sooner-I have been ignoring things as I get older but I've taken the stand now and there'll be no going back. My commitment is firm :0)
I got a good vegan cookbook :

but obviously I am just starting out so only tried a few recipes so far. You'll have loads more experience by now and loads of yum recipes. I've found quite a few sites with some fab looking recipes. Only trouble for me is a lot of the ingredients I find hard to get hold of-one in particular- nutritional yeast! In so many recipes but I'd have to order it online at great expense if I wanted it :0(
Anyway, nice to have a fellow vegan to converse with :0) x

Debbie Palen said...