Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: Ian and Simone

(image pulled from the peaceful prairieblogspot)

A beautiful true story of loneliness, love and loss between Ian, the turkey and Simone, the hen at the Peaceful Prairie farm sanctuary. It is a testament to the powerful bonds animals make and is no different than the bonds between humans.

Here is a small sampling of the story by Joanna Lucas:
"Simone collapsed late one afternoon. We found her floundering on the ground, unable to stand, hold her head up, eat or drink on her own, struggling, and failing, to inch closer to Ian who was standing guard nearby. We cradled her in a soft blanket and held her for what seemed like hours, stroking her back, talking sweet, reassuring nothings, helping her nestle next to Ian one last time, before moving her into the house for care and hospice and, in the process, inevitably tearing her from everything she loved, knew and trusted. When we finally got up and carried her away, Ian followed. He walked with us as far as the open gate. There, he stopped in his usual hesitant way, pacing in place, flapping his wings, shuffling his feet, dithering between opposing desires—to be loved, to be safe—taking a few steps out in the open, turning back. Only, this time, after taking his first strained, faltering steps forward, he kept going. The fear of losing sight of Simone was greater than his fear of leaving the safety of his yard, so he pressed on, trailing behind us stiffly, haltingly, hemming, hawing, squirming and stuttering all the way to the front door."

Go here for the entire story:
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

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