Friday, November 4, 2011

Lately, I've posted about animal abuse, whales being hunted down in Japan and human rights violations in West Africa so I thought I should post something uplifting such as the story of the baby elephant, Chhouk. He was found missing part of his front left leg; an injury caused by a poachers trap (go humans! not!) Okay, so I'm dissing on crappy humans again. The beauty of this story was not only was he rescued by a Wildlife Rescue Group in Cambodia, but they replaced the missing six inches of his foot with a prosthetic leg! Go humans! (seriously this time) You can see the vide below:

and read more about Chhouk here:

And please don't buy any type of ivory, whether it is a frame, jewelry or what ever the hell else they make with ivory tusks. I don't think you'd like it if your foot were caught in a trap, probably maimed and cut off you and then have someone come round and pull your teeth out. In a note of irony, apparently the London newspaper, The Guardian, reported the intense poaching of tusks has caused a new breed of elephants w/out tusks...which scientists believe is a genetic mutation to help them survive. Go elephants!
(Maybe other animals will mutate to be bald for life and have their flesh taste like human flesh so we won't hunt them down or factory farm them for their skin or meat! That'll learn us (probably not but a girl can hope)


fhiona galloway said...

this is a nice story. I find it very heart warming when humans can help animals. It's the way it should be.Are you vegan then? I see lots of links related to vegan and vegetarians. I'm veggie cos I love animals :0)

Debbie Palen said...

Go Chhouk! And nice to hear a story with a happy ending, thanks to the wildlife rescue group! Very interesting that they have the ability to mutate to survive! But sad because the tusks are so beautiful and served their own purpose.
People will probably eat meat that tasted like human flesh too..because alot of them are zombies!

heidi Younger Illustration said...

I sometimes get so upset reading about all the horrible things humans do to animals. I've been avoiding your blog because I feel so helpless about it all. I think it's good that you are bringing awareness to all this. But sometimes I just want to visit you, see your great arts and avoid the pain done to our animals friends.

sheree boyd said...

Fhiona, i'm vegan b/c i love animals too. :)

Debbie, people are zombies...look no further than our politicians! :)

Heidi, i get it and understand where you are coming from. But i think to avoid suffering, whether it be human, environmental or animal, does a dis-service to those things or sentient beings that are on the receiving end of the 'suffering stick'. Mind you, I dont go around watching youtube videos of factory farming or abuse towards animals b/c it does me no good and I have a pretty vivid imagination as it is. I would just like to see an end to all suffering and I think awareness could help us get there. There is a reason why factory farms are hidden after all.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Oh yes!!! If the average meat-eater saw a factory farm, would they still eat meat?
Yes I agree about awareness, just we need balance too.
I get so upset. That story you did an illustration about the bear made me SHAKE!!!
So how to you not "preach to the converted" and get someone who can actually do something about it?
I am in this dilemma too.

Hey you need to visit while the weather is still nice. : )