Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grateful Greyhound Fall Ball 2011

Last weekend was the annual greyhound fall ball so we packed up the dogs and headed on over. Georgia got to see her old pal, Hawk, the white faced greyhound. Beatrix had to say hello to Hawk and gave him a good ear sniff. Beatrix, thinking everyone likes her, had to go 'hug' a perfect stranger. Thankfully most greyhound peeps don't mind. And lastly, i took a snap of a the grasshopper that hitched a ride on the car! At first, as we headed to the park, the hopper was on the outside of the car on the hood, but by the time we left he got all smart and stuff (deciding trying to hang onto a hood of a car going 80 mph sucked) and snuck inside the car for the short ride back home!

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heidi Younger Illustration said...

The dogs are great, as usual, but WOW what a grasshopper!!! It looks almost fake being so perfect.
hugs Sheree!