Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on Sam the senior greyhound

I have to say the power of the internet is truly amazing at times. From my office in NY I reached out to people on a greyhound message board and w/in days I had people willing to help with transport and wishing the best for Sam's situation. I also got three people who were willing to help. One greyhound rescue group located in MA, Sam's home state, was not only willing to get Sam this weekend, but they immediately had a foster family for him. So tonight, Sam will meet his new foster mom and her greyhound as well. Not only am I truly astounded at the quick mobilization for Sam's plight, I am eternally grateful for all the greyhound people willing to lend a helping hand. To think it all started with an email from a friend in South America asking if I could help a friend of hers located in MA. Amazing!

Please consider supporting local rescue groups that typically do not even have facilities to house the animals, but rely on people to foster the animals until they can find a 'forever home'. They do not have the millions of dollars to back them up like HSUS, but operate on a shoestring budget and depend on people willing to foster. The greyhound rescue that came to Sam's aid is Greyhound Options; they do not have a kennel and have been able to place over 1000 greyhounds...pretty amazing!

Greyhound Options also has a really great article on why it is sometimes easier for foster dogs to find homes than kennel dogs. Having volunteered at my local shelter I would agree. Of course it would have helped if my local shelter actually made an effort to get the dogs adopted, but that is another sad story.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

wooohooo!! That's awesome Sherre!! This happened because of YOU!!

I'm sorry I've been terrible with replying emails. I will though!!

Thanks again friend :o)


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Great news!