Friday, May 29, 2009

My 2 Lovely Assistants

So I have these two truly amazing assistants always at the ready as you can see. They are quite loyal; always at my side. Now they don't do coffee runs nor do they collate or take notes. Their specialty is showing me the art of taking a break....a really really long break that involves napping, twitching, several yawns and repositioning oneself so as not to get achy backs or nap sores. I know what you are thinking: where can i get such a loyal assistant? Well, as fate would have it there are lots of assistants at your local shelter ready to curl up at your side and show you what life is really all about. Do you have a trusty assistant by your side?


heidi Younger Illustration said...

I know all about them there assistances as my wiener dog is one. Loyal to a T and constantly showing me how to nap, and to eat! Oh especially taking a snack break! Oh so good. And occasionally to get out and stretch ones feet, breath and see the sun!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hee hee I love your two lovely assistants!! :o)

My two assistants are napping right now as well. Assistant #1 (whippet) is under the sofa cushions, I ca only see the tip of her tail right now. Assistant #2 (mini doxie) is actually with her nose on the keyboard, so I am typing with one hand ;o)

roz said...

AWWW! They are the best assistants a person could ask for. hahaha! Lovely. =o)

Love your work.

Alexiev said...

Good Can...


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Sheri Berry Design Studio said...

Sheree, it's Sheri as in Berry! Okay, you got me. I finally udated the blog that never leaves us alone!

Was great meeting you and Heidi at Surtex. I look forward to hearing more about your show notes with Heidi.

Keep on blogging oh, tiny one!

Love your art, I feel a kinship with it and you in matters of smallness!

Sheri, the Surtex Skirter