Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grateful Greyhound Day

Last Saturday, the greyhound rescue group that I got Georgia from had a get together for greyhound owners at a local park in Long Island. I have never seen so many greyhounds together; it was an awesome site. Georgia is the lone greyhound in my hood, it appears, so I always have people stopping to ask what kind of dog she is b/c she is so unusual (and she loves the attention!)

The best part of the day was when by pure coincidence I met the lovely couple that fostered Georgia for a few weeks before coming to me. They have their own greyhound, Hawk,which you can see pictured with Georgia (the grey greyhound with the white face). How beautiful is that greyhound! I love his white face and big brown eyes - Hawk also has his own blog and there are even photos of Georgia up when they fostered her (her racing name was Rapid Roah). :)

The two bottom pictures are of Georgia in her fancy new orange collar standing next to another brindle.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh this is awesome Sheree! I would love to attend to an event like that. What a treat to see all the greyhounds together, and even a whippet! hee, hee yes, when you compare them they look tiny beside the greyhound :o)

Thanks for sharing this! Loved seeing those pictures :o)

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Wow! You must have been in Heaven!
Was Georgia happy to see the foster parents? Nice collar!

Say It In Color said...

Hi Sheree....Your dog is a reminder of the few beautiful and unique grey hounds my grandfather had when I was a little girl...I HAVEN'T SEEN A GREYHOUND SINCE! Not a Texas dog I guess...although I don't leave my little town much...I love your detached radish too....I'm doing a small altered book for a girl who has had four Mothers....thank you for your comment on my blog....I live in Round Top, Texas...between Austin and Houston...I was jokingly spelling my name like yours....for a friend so I would sound more like an artist>!...ha....then I noticed your name and blog thru some illustrator's blog....but I'm back to being who I am...Sherry....anyway, love your name and your illustrations....keep it up...will check you out later....sherry peck...a grandma....