Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog Lover Blog Award

The very talented Monica gave me this very lovely award which was created by Eunice Rosado of This Nice Dog.

I would have passed it on to Kathleen Rietz and Alicia Padron, but Monica has bestowed the doggie award on them already. So I shall pass the award to Mika and Eslina and hope they have yet to receive it. :)


Mônica said...

Eunice and I are so glad you liked it, Sheree! :-)

eslina said...

Hi Sheree,

Thank you so much for the wonderful award :)

Carli said...

hey Sheree i have an award for you on my blog

Chere said...

What a great award. I am a dog lover through and through. My children are 22 and 26 and do not live at home anymore. My husband get tired of me taking photos of him. I know have a lot of his back. The next best subject in my house is my girls. Katie a lab, Dixie a cocker and Bella the chi. Maybe I will win the award some day.