Saturday, May 10, 2008

Days 13 & 14 of 21 Days

I tried adding color by using pastels both yesterday and today...kinda looks messy....

Georgia barked at a cat today...this is quite significant as she does not bark...not even at the two jack russells next door that yap at her every day (she ignores them completely). I would like to get a cat as I am truly a cat person at heart, but I am concerned I may find a severely slobbered and chewed upon kitty some day....I've never had a problem integrating my many myriad of pets ever, but for the first time I find myself a bit concerned as she is a rescue and used to chase a fake bunny on the tracks when she was a racer. Any thoughts?....


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

These are beautiful. Love the pastels.. so warm Sheree!! And I know several people who would love to have a georgia book on their coffee table! You can even donate one to the greyhound rescue, or they can raise funds on a raffle and the price is the book. Who knows? :o)

About the cat, well it really depends on the situation. Nina barks at cats all the time, neighborhood cats walk all over the walls of my garden and she goes nuts barking. But I actually don't know what she would do to one if she was close to him.

Sighthounds, as I'm sure you already know, hunt by their sight and have a strong instinct to go after prey. But that usually is because the prey is running. They get so stimulated when they see something running, they can't help themselves. She is barking out of excitement mostly. I wouldn't worry too much.

I know plenty of greyhounds and whippets that love their cats in the house and sleep all curled up together. Of course there is always the one that doensn't like cats. It's a matter of temperament.

I would suggest getting Georgia close to one at a neutral place (not your house nor the cat's) and with a loose leash (if she feels it tight she can sense stress). Maybe a friend's cat that you already know likes dogs would be a good start and see how that goes.

If you are planning on adopting a cat from the shelter, then they will ask you to bring Georgia and they have a play area were they will meet. It might be easier maybe with a kitten. You just have to see how Georgia behaves first.

But don't worry just yet :o)

sheree said...

hi alicia,

thanks for the tips! :) Georgia has no interest in dogs - she has met a tiny chihuahua and a mini pinscher that must've wieghed 3 lbs. and did nothing. She has also met two of my friends cats and behaved well --- but on occasion she has barked at a cat that was not moving. (She does get excited seeing squirrels run up trees :) ). I definitely will get a rescue cat at the local shelter and am hoping they will allow Georgia to sniff the cats (haha) --- I've always had cats and I would like to give a homeless cat a nice home. :)

ginaperry said...

I have a jack and while he acts like he would LOVE to play with other cats indoors, anything outdoors is fair game. And by game, I mean something to be hunted! As a breed jacks are not to be trusted alone around almost anything but adults. I'd look into a greyhound rescue group or website to see how they generally do with cats.