Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Commenting on Blogs

If you notice the cute l'il monster on my side bar it was made by the very talented Nacho Gomez. If you would like to display one on your site please go to his blog and download your own. I thought it was a cute and clever idea!


Ratlion said...

Hello! Thanks for the link! I went over and now have my own monster :). It really is a great idea.


PS: I really like your 'Little Things' illo.

Nemo said...

Hello Sheree! Thanks a lot for your post, I´m delighted!
A weeks ago, I made a list of links in my blog and, of course, I linked your blog; I love your work ( the post about "little things " is absolutely cute)

Aurora said...

I have the monster too!
I like your blog and I´ll add your blog in my links.
beautiful illos!