Saturday, November 24, 2007

5 Random Things

I have been tagged by Nicole and find myself struggling to think of parts of myself that do not elicit boredom for the dear lurkers out there. Being shy and private this may prove painful, but here it goes...

* My favorite color is orange with yellow nipping at its heels as a close second.

* Please look at Nicole's #2 random thing as I, ironically, have the exact same problem.

* When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian like my father, but the sight of blood makes me nauseous. My father had to watch my brother and I at nights when we were young as my mother was taking college courses. Seeing as he worked, we inevitably were left to roam the back recesses of the vet's office. One particular evening my father was dissecting a dog (please note the dog had died naturally) and putting organs in bowls. My brother thought it would be particularly hilarious to corner me in the room while simultaneously sticking a bowl containing the dog's brain underneath my nose. The thing I remember most was the brain happened to be in an old cool whip container. I never looked at cool whip the same way again.

* I've been sewing since I was a small child. I used to love standing by the side of my grandmother as she sewed. She used to make beautiful ballgowns for my mother (see above photo of my mother) when she was in highschool. I on the other hand used to make clothes that, looking back, resembled "art school girl that makes her own clothes." Some of my outfits still haunt me.

* The best Christmas present I ever received was when I was seven years old. My father brought home a black cat that the owner wanted him to "put down." Instead my father gave me PeeWee on Christmas day. He was my best friend for 15 years and to this day I have never gotten a gift that could top that.

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flora said...

YIKES! That dog brain in the cool whip container really scared me! Hahahaha!!! I've always like to watch TV programs that have doctors performing surgeries since I was very young (weird child), but I believe if I were there in the room I might just pass out! :)

Nicole said...

I just thought it was my crazy ears that couldn't hold headphones. Those a great random things!

btw, all your artwork is just beautiful! :)

eslina said...

I am so glad that PeeWee get a chance at life. A big THANK YOU to your father and you for giving him that chance! :)

Your artwork are awesome! :D