Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Isabella Kirkland

Did anyone check out this article in the NY Times today? Really incredible artwork by Isabella Kirkland. From the Times:

"The six paintings, each of which took about a year to create, memorialize species that have vanished from the planet during the ascent of humans; those that are finding new niches as humans spread plants and animals around the globe; those collected or harvested illegally or too aggressively; American species in decline; and — most hopefully — animals and plants that were thought to be extinct, or on the brink of vanishing, but have come back."

For anyone who cares about the environment and the plight of animals this is really an amazing body of work.


Mac said...

That is an awesome illustration.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

It's sad what humans have done, despite a few species coming back from the brink of extinction, there are too many that don't.
In general I am reminded of the parkway hawks... how when I was a child there were none, now they are there, having adapted to our urbanization and finding new niches.
Speaking of, yesterday I saw the most amazing hawk sitting on a pole from outside my window on the train.